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My name is Julie Teel.  I am so excited about doing my first blog and have made a New Year’s Resolution that this will be an added feature to my personal life and business.  My husband of twenty-three  glorious  years, John Teel will also be an active part of this and we will be blogging together until we grow up and can get our own blogs in the blogging world.  We are so blessed to have such beautiful and intelligent children who are now grown in so many ways and are now teaching us! (I am referring to being taught how to blog!)  It is funny how sometimes these roles reverse.

We are looking forward to a great 2010 in the real estate world of  Navarro County and Richland Chambers Lake!  We are blessed to have been able to open another location on the third largest Lake in Texas this past year in March.  Little did we know, it would be the worst year statistically speaking for real estate sales  for  Navarro County, the Lake  and for the rest of the Country in 2009.   The lake market was down over 60% and the residential home sales for Navarro County tanked as well, being down 43% for 2009.

Regardless, of these disturbing facts, John and I have had a remarkable year and have exceeded our sales goals after working around the clock pretty much the entire year!  It is funny but true ,that in the dictionary,  is the only place where success comes before work!!!  It looks like we are here to stay and are loving every minute of it.   Our lives have been enriched  by once again jumping off the highest bridge we could find and just watching and waiting to see if we make it back up to the top!  That has been a pattern for  our 23 years together and it seems to be a working formula for us!

I would like to thank at this time all our support team, agents, clients  and friends at Richland Chambers Lake that have made this year one of the best ever!

As for 2010, there is  very good news for the immediate future for real estate sales.  All indicators according to NAR are favorable for the next several months due to the tax credit incentives and interest rates.  The cool and exciting thing about the tax credit program is that now it applies to current homeowners who buy and sell in the next 120 days.  They will now be eligible for a $6500.00 credit on their taxes!  Call me for details on this. There are a few restrictions or go to www.nar.com and click on the tab regarding this subject.   The interest rates are expected to start increasing in the second quarter of 2010, and slowly inch upward. 

Well, I guess that about says it all, this New Year’s Eve 2009!  Wishing all of you and yours a  very Happy and Prosperous “Jump and See if you can swim ” 2010! 


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