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Night before last….True story, John got up to get a drink of water, bottled water was in the Jeep. He was startled upon noticing a car parked in the Driveway.  He thought he would scare the intruder away by pushing the buttons on his key remote and lighting up the jeep and honking the horn from the house….The car remained motionless.  He decided to brave the cold and the unknown and walk out to the car because he could see movement.  He got closer to the car to find that it was my Mother and Aunt Janie TOTALLY engrossed with  a new computer.  Computer Rookie Nazi might be good description for them.  The Blind leading the Blindest.  They were both huddled over it and concentrating and had a legal pad full of notes to refer to. They had driven down here to get on our wireless router and upload Mcafee. My Mom has dial up! Well, He watched them a few minutes and then knocked on the window. They almost peed on themselves. They asked if they needed to open Internet Explorer to upload the program. Huh?? But the funniest part was when my Aunt Janie said,”Was that you turning the jeep on and off?  We thought it was the computer doing it…. John and I belly laughed ourselves to sleep!


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The weather has warmed up this week and so has the Lake market! We had two waterfront listings go pending this last week!  Congrats to those sellers in doing what has been a challenge this last year for most sellers on the banks of Richland Chambers!     And speaking of banks we are banking on an active spring real estate market!  

Last week found us hosting the Lakerz social event at REMAX Lakeside Dreams.  We are so fortunate to  have been so well received by this community and we would like to thank everyone for being so supportive and for the many friendships that we have made.  Richland Chambers Lake is home to some of the greatest people that you could imagine.  And we are so thankful to God for giving us the foresight and ability to make REMAX Lakeside Dreams  a reality and become a part of this special community.         

We are excited to announce our new agent, Martin Ortiz, who is bilingual and has real estate experience in Michagan.  So, Martin is new to REMAX but not the real estate business and we are glad to have him aboard! 

Also, Congratulations to Karen Williams for being top producing agent  for December which was no easy task!  So, if you see Karen, congratulate her for an outstanding year! 

Karen was our top producing agent not only in December but for the entire year!

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Well, the first week of 2010 has come to a chilly close and has been a very productive week for John and IWe braved record low temperatures and icy roads to man two offices, attend three closings, four listing appointments, show 25 properties and attend Dave Liniger’s Demand Success Today presentation in Grapevine. The end of the week found John rockin out with Joe Doyen at the Northshore Harbor Inn for the Lakerz crowd! Wow! What an awesome week and great start for 2010.

Adventure! That is what we finally decided to call our trek to Grapevine this week to attend Dave’s Seminar.  The early morning hour and temperatures brought 4 brave souls to the Event from our Offices.  Attending with John and I were Annette Goolsby and Martin Ortiz.  Annette has been with us for  several months now and has proven to be such a great asset to our Company!  With her dedication to excellence, and humility to learn the business along with her sense of adventure she will be the shining star in Navarro County Real Estate this year! We are also excited about Martin Ortiz joining us in January. We are  waiting on his finger printing and he will be off to the races as well, being bilingual and having years of real estate experience in Michigan.  Hats off to his obvious intelligence of returning to his Texas roots and a WAY better real estate market!  Thanks to these guys for attending and exposing themselves to such a great leader in our Industry.

Posing pretty

Where do I start? Dave Liniger  is the “tallest” short guy I know.  And talk about a sense of adventure! Wow! This man drives race cars, jumps out of Airplanes, owns over 700 guns and has been instrumental in achieving the top real estate brand in the Country!  What we love most about REMAX is the simple fact that our leader has been in the trenches, he has experienced the highs and lows of three recessions.  And has not only survived them but has led our Company in  thirty straight years of growth.  That is why while researching the most successful companies in the world, REMAX was chosen as a subject for a book called EVERYBODY WINS!   This is a great rags to riches success story that is  an easy read.  I do highly recommend it!  Our company was chosen over Microsoft and Walmart as a subject for this book.  I love to read so I will be recommending some great books along the way.

Well, back to Dave, I guess I should get to the meat of the story and the reason for this blog today. I will try to keep this as brief as possible.  All predictions point to the fact that we are in for a ride through 2012!  With a huge amount of ARM loans coming to maturity in the next two years, there will be an increase in foreclosures like we have never seen.  An ARM loan, for those who do not know, is an adjustable rate mortgage that started at a very low rate in order for the borrower to qualify, and will adjust out now to a normal rate.  Well, the problem is, that the people barely qualified at the lower rate and in some instances did a little fudging on their income, so when the rate adjusts out, they will no longer be able to make their payment.  Thus, another wave of foreclosures is coming our way!   The market will have to adjust so values will continue to drop in certain markets until inventories level and most foreclosures have moved through the market. The challenge we face is that some major lenders have thousands of files that have sat for over a year and some longer and this inventory has yet to enter the market.  Bank of America is one example. When they acquired Country wide, along with it came hundreds of thousands of bad loans.

The victims are the real people and families affected by this crisis.  Dave’s focus for us as a Company is to be the most educated and ready to help these families and lenders through this difficult time by having the knowledge to aid them through the short sale process.   This is the best solution for the homeowner so that there remains hope for their future.  The short sale prevents the actual foreclosure and they can still buy another home within two years after the process.  So, ultimately it helps them save credit and face.

REMAX has partnered with Alex Chartin, the educator of the CDPE designation course to give every REMAX agent an opportunity to take this course.  It stands for CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY designation.  To my knowledge,   we will be the first ones  with the designation in our area.  This course will give us the knowledge that we need  to aid homeowners and lenders through the processes of short sales and foreclosures.  We have taken a few classes on this subject  in the past, and have experience helping the homeowners through the short sale  process and lenders with foreclosures.  But through this course we  with an arsenal  of knowledge to better aid families that find themselves in this situation.

To sum up, the real estate industry  will be a roller coaster ride though 2012 and will be back to the boom that we all know and love afterwards!  So we are buckling up(tighter), battening down the hatches(some more),  and hanging on for the ride of our lives!  We have always loved amusement parks and have taken our kids on vacation trips where we have literally travelled from Arlington to San Antonio to Houston to Galveston in one week visiting SIX FLAGS, SEAWORLD, FIESTA TEXAS, ASTROWORLD(when it was still) and then to the beach all on a budget!  This  is where  I highly recommend the season passes to SIX FLAGS for young families!    Talk about needing a vacation after the vacation!  I believe by the time 2013 rolls around we will need the vacation to end all vacations!  So, I will be needing a few suggestions from you guys so I can start planning  that one.

The tougher the market becomes the harder we have to work!  The harder the work, the more fun we have!  So this real estate market is reminiscent  of  those vacations  days of old when money was tight and having fun was work!  But we love work and the adventures and challenges even more! And as you can imagine, the memories  created then and now, as the saying goes “PRICELESS”!

Hope, Kelsey, Parker, and John at Six Flags

Parker is learning to drive!I bet everyone remembers this backdrop and has pictures taken here!Give me more!Kelsey, Julie and Hope look up!

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In December, Texas Parks & Wildlife Inland Fisheries began a study on blue catfish. They are evaluating an experimental 30- to 45- inch slot length regulation.  The bag limit for blue cats is 25 total fish. Out of these, only 1 can be over 45 inches, and the rest have to be under 30 inches. The overall goal is to enhance the trophy catfish potential.  Read more about the study in the Corsicana Daily Sun article.

For more information on local fishing regulations, pick up a TPWD Outdoor Annual where you purchase sporting goods. You can also find valuable information about Richland Chambers Lake on the TPWD website if you are interested in recreational activities.

Happy Fishing!

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