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Northshore Harbor construction
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The construction at Northshore Harbor condos is moving right along and ramping up.  Yesterday framers, steel crews, plumbers, HVAC crews and electricians made it look like an anthill!  This project is impressive.  The third floor framing is underway and
they have begun putting up the steel for the walkways, stairs and lanais.
Northshore Harbor Condominiums is Richland Chamber’s newest waterfront
community.  Imagine living on the water on the 3rd largest lake in The state of
Texas and no yard to mow!  We have already sold several condos in this building
but there are definitely some premium units left!  With condos starting at
$159,900 this may well be the best waterfront deal in the State!

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Julie’s new car

  In ‘Blog class’, (meaning someone tells me “you need to blog” in a technology class) they tell you to keep it interesting and not just about business, so here you go… . This is Julie in
her new 2012 Lexus, oh yeah!  Julie drove her 2006 Lexus from the time it was
new until just 2 days ago!  I have to say this is a GREAT ride and doesn’t
she make it look good! 
Now all she needs are her RE/MAX liscence plates, like mine…

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Phase 1 Fully Funded
Northshore Harbor Condominiums on Richland Chambers Lake iare now moving forward.
Phase I of the project is fully funded and getting underway. Along with the ongoing construction on the first 36 condos, the Northshore Marina, the Harbor Inn restaraunt and club are open for business. Construction is well underway on the first building, #3. Phase I of the project includes: Building #3, the adjacent parking areas, the gate, roads, pool and the necessary infrastructure for Northshore Harbor Condos. Building 3 will be four floors with an elevator for easy access to each floor. Every condo will have it’s own private lanai for enjoying the beauty of Richland Chambers.

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Major Renovations at Northshore Marina
Northshore Habor 2Northshore Marina has seen a lot of boaters, sailors and
fishermen over the years. The docks have been and still are a safe harbor for
sailboats, fishing boats and cabin cruisers. The marina facilities were built
about 2001 and have been in operation since. Now the Northshore Marina boat
ramps, gas pumps and jetty are about to undergo major renovation. The jetty is
going to be ‘moved’. Part of it is going to be cut out and then rebuilt on the
windward side of the present boat slips to provide shelter for launching and loading. The gas pumps are also slated to be moved, re-configured and upgraded to 24 hour service.
The plan calls for dredging out to a 10 ft depth for the boat launch, the new channel and along the
seawall in the harbor.
A site inspection took place last Friday with a
representave from Tarrant Regional Water District and final plans were
submitted. After the plans are approved by Tarrant Regional the work will
commence.  Right now is a great time to do this work with the lake level down
almost 8 feet.  Silver lining to the low water level ?!?!!


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Northshore Harbor Condos

Northshore Harbor Condominiums going vertical

Northshore Harbor Condominiums on Richland Chambers Lake are becoming a reality. As of today construction crews are laying the deck on the third floor and the steel skeleton of the building is 4 stories in the air.

With the foundation already in place, lumber, framers and steel workers showed up on site a couple of weeks ago and have not looked back since. With the first floor well under cover HVAC and plumbing rough-ins have begun. HVAC is being provided by Area Wide Services from right here on Richland Lake. Also the building supplies are coming from McCoy’s here in Corsicana. Local contractors and suppliers are being used whenever possible to promote and support our local economy. The building process is moving along well and an ambitious construction schedule is in place. Check back for updates.

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Northshore Harbor Condos on Richland Chambers Lake

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