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Night before last….True story, John got up to get a drink of water, bottled water was in the Jeep. He was startled upon noticing a car parked in the Driveway.  He thought he would scare the intruder away by pushing the buttons on his key remote and lighting up the jeep and honking the horn from the house….The car remained motionless.  He decided to brave the cold and the unknown and walk out to the car because he could see movement.  He got closer to the car to find that it was my Mother and Aunt Janie TOTALLY engrossed with  a new computer.  Computer Rookie Nazi might be good description for them.  The Blind leading the Blindest.  They were both huddled over it and concentrating and had a legal pad full of notes to refer to. They had driven down here to get on our wireless router and upload Mcafee. My Mom has dial up! Well, He watched them a few minutes and then knocked on the window. They almost peed on themselves. They asked if they needed to open Internet Explorer to upload the program. Huh?? But the funniest part was when my Aunt Janie said,”Was that you turning the jeep on and off?  We thought it was the computer doing it…. John and I belly laughed ourselves to sleep!


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