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As January pulls to a close,  we reflect on the month and are jubilant in what we have accomplished.  A year ago this week, we were moving furniture into our new building, REMAX Lakeside Dreams, and planning our Grand Opening!  It really seems like yesterday and we have been so blessed along the way.  We have many accomplishments to be proud of and have learned a lot along the way.  Our goal then was to still be here this time next year, and we have not only achieved that goal, but have exceeded any expectations that we may have had.

I came home from a Community Tour last night to a roaring fire, Tbone steak, a glass of Merlot and dark chocolate!  Boy, that husband of mine just keeps getting better!  And to think, it is not even Valentines Day yet!    John and I took  a trip down memory lane to the year in review and how much we have learned and experienced this year.  We no longer need maps to get us from one Subdivision to the other and believe me, we know every shortcut out here now! We have driven so many miles and back roads, that we both needed tires prematurely.  We have driven every tire kicker and curiosity seeker that we have come across from one side of this lake to the other. Maybe in hindsight not the best of approaches, but we were also in the curiosity stage and learning every step of the way.   To be honest, our percentages have not been great on turning those trips into transactions.  But the market is not what it  was and truthfully, we were just glad to see warm bodies at the Lake!  Even if they were just beginning a 5 year-long search!

Our goal is that those tire kickers will return and eventually buy on Richland Chambers!  Our mission is to sell this Lake!

We were told this morning by a web client(meaning someone who found us on the web)that was sitting in John’s office  looking at aerial photos(John hired a plane and went up and took these photos) of  lots that they had decided to use us as their real estate professionals because we have the most accurate and complete information on the web including, plats, aerial views, youtube videos, etc.!  Now that made me happy!  We have worked very hard to go above and beyond in this market!   And we would not be where we are without the help of  Lacey Ogburn and Anne Burgess behind the scenes at our offices doing all the detail work that they do.  Those two are the  best backup team that we have ever had!  Thank you guys for all that you do! You two are awesome!

As we begin the second month of 2010, we have some great opportunities for Lake exposure,  education and  fun scheduled.  We are going to be at the Dallas Boat Show promoting Richland Chambers Lake and Northshore Harbor Condos the first two weekends of the month, attending the REMAX  Awards Convention in Fort Worth the following week and setting sail on a four-day cruise for Valentines weekend with our Lakerz friends!  We will end the month by attending the Texas Association of Realtors Meetings in Austin.


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