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 have to say how proud I am to be part of RE/MAX of Texas!  Julie, Hope and I attended the RE/MAX of Texas statewide convention the last 4 days in Galveston at Moody Gardens.  The city of Galveston has come a long way since Ike.  It is a great place and definitely back in business. The convention was over the top!  RE/MAX of Texas celebrated it’s 35th Anniversary by providing us the absolute top speakers and teachers not only in the real estate industry but also in the world of technology and internet with classes solid for 3 days.  Wow great stuff!!!  Thanks to Richard Filip and his outstanding staff for cutting edge tools and education to make sure we remain the top in our market.  Also the Fun Night party at the Moody Gardens Aquarium and the Awards Gala, Casino Party the Doppleganger band wow what a great time!  And the best part, spending time with all our friends and making new ones from all over the state, who happen to be the best real estate people in TEXAS. Now back to work at LakeSide Dreams on beautiful Richland Chambers Lake, which is filling up by the way, ready to conquer the world!


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Phase 1 Fully Funded
Northshore Harbor Condominiums on Richland Chambers Lake iare now moving forward.
Phase I of the project is fully funded and getting underway. Along with the ongoing construction on the first 36 condos, the Northshore Marina, the Harbor Inn restaraunt and club are open for business. Construction is well underway on the first building, #3. Phase I of the project includes: Building #3, the adjacent parking areas, the gate, roads, pool and the necessary infrastructure for Northshore Harbor Condos. Building 3 will be four floors with an elevator for easy access to each floor. Every condo will have it’s own private lanai for enjoying the beauty of Richland Chambers.

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Major Renovations at Northshore Marina
Northshore Habor 2Northshore Marina has seen a lot of boaters, sailors and
fishermen over the years. The docks have been and still are a safe harbor for
sailboats, fishing boats and cabin cruisers. The marina facilities were built
about 2001 and have been in operation since. Now the Northshore Marina boat
ramps, gas pumps and jetty are about to undergo major renovation. The jetty is
going to be ‘moved’. Part of it is going to be cut out and then rebuilt on the
windward side of the present boat slips to provide shelter for launching and loading. The gas pumps are also slated to be moved, re-configured and upgraded to 24 hour service.
The plan calls for dredging out to a 10 ft depth for the boat launch, the new channel and along the
seawall in the harbor.
A site inspection took place last Friday with a
representave from Tarrant Regional Water District and final plans were
submitted. After the plans are approved by Tarrant Regional the work will
commence.  Right now is a great time to do this work with the lake level down
almost 8 feet.  Silver lining to the low water level ?!?!!


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Sell RC Lake

Wow!   It is mid March and I can hardly believe it!  It is so exciting to see the daffodils  springing up and the trees budding and blooming after the hard cold wet winter!    Yes, the temperatures are warming and so is the real estate market!  The water levels are up and we are excited to say we are on our 5th waterfront home sale this year and are looking  forward to a better 2010!  We have been able to achieve this great number by the relationships we a have made and the marketing machine we have created.    

Leading the charge is our fantastic office and great location!  For those of you who have not stopped by, we are the ones with the infamous boat shipwrecked into the side of the REMAX sign and the 18 ft. map of the of Richland Chambers Lake on the wall!  So, we get a lot of traffic and have achieved the goal of being the hotspot for real estate!  We are out there marketing and selling waterfront homes(www.buyrclake.com ),  condos(www.northshoreharbor.com ) and lots on Richland Chambers Lake.  We do it all!  We have what we call the 800 pound gorilla(REMAX) on our side and  with that comes all the advantages in Real Estate marketing for sellers including the number two real estate website www.remax.com, second only to www.realtor.com which we also use!  In addition, we have multiple other sites in which we market your property.  Some examples of these are www.lakehouse.com, www.landsoftexas.com, and many other sites our listings syndicate to after being posted on one of our sites. 

We are excited to announce that we have just added a marketing site www.uniquehomes.com (a luxury home site)as well and will be posting listings over 450k on that site as well.  If you are interested in a list of “What we do for You the Seller”  please contact us and we will be happy to email it to you, so that you have an understanding of what goes into the process and how we differentiate ourselves from the competition. 

Competition is good and makes every one better!   We are committed to being the best and are constantly looking for ways to achieve this mission statement.  We are not about the Fluff…but consistent top-notch real estate service and attention to detail.  We work for you and put ourselves in the seller’s shoes when marketing your home.  We want to give you value for the fees that we earn!

For more information on the services we provide, please call John or Julie Teel at 903-874-0003 or 903-654-3970.

We are so excited John just got his REMAX Texas license plates, so if you see this jeep with this tag breaking the law…Call me! LOL

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As January pulls to a close,  we reflect on the month and are jubilant in what we have accomplished.  A year ago this week, we were moving furniture into our new building, REMAX Lakeside Dreams, and planning our Grand Opening!  It really seems like yesterday and we have been so blessed along the way.  We have many accomplishments to be proud of and have learned a lot along the way.  Our goal then was to still be here this time next year, and we have not only achieved that goal, but have exceeded any expectations that we may have had.

I came home from a Community Tour last night to a roaring fire, Tbone steak, a glass of Merlot and dark chocolate!  Boy, that husband of mine just keeps getting better!  And to think, it is not even Valentines Day yet!    John and I took  a trip down memory lane to the year in review and how much we have learned and experienced this year.  We no longer need maps to get us from one Subdivision to the other and believe me, we know every shortcut out here now! We have driven so many miles and back roads, that we both needed tires prematurely.  We have driven every tire kicker and curiosity seeker that we have come across from one side of this lake to the other. Maybe in hindsight not the best of approaches, but we were also in the curiosity stage and learning every step of the way.   To be honest, our percentages have not been great on turning those trips into transactions.  But the market is not what it  was and truthfully, we were just glad to see warm bodies at the Lake!  Even if they were just beginning a 5 year-long search!

Our goal is that those tire kickers will return and eventually buy on Richland Chambers!  Our mission is to sell this Lake!

We were told this morning by a web client(meaning someone who found us on the web)that was sitting in John’s office  looking at aerial photos(John hired a plane and went up and took these photos) of  lots that they had decided to use us as their real estate professionals because we have the most accurate and complete information on the web including, plats, aerial views, youtube videos, etc.!  Now that made me happy!  We have worked very hard to go above and beyond in this market!   And we would not be where we are without the help of  Lacey Ogburn and Anne Burgess behind the scenes at our offices doing all the detail work that they do.  Those two are the  best backup team that we have ever had!  Thank you guys for all that you do! You two are awesome!

As we begin the second month of 2010, we have some great opportunities for Lake exposure,  education and  fun scheduled.  We are going to be at the Dallas Boat Show promoting Richland Chambers Lake and Northshore Harbor Condos the first two weekends of the month, attending the REMAX  Awards Convention in Fort Worth the following week and setting sail on a four-day cruise for Valentines weekend with our Lakerz friends!  We will end the month by attending the Texas Association of Realtors Meetings in Austin.

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The weather has warmed up this week and so has the Lake market! We had two waterfront listings go pending this last week!  Congrats to those sellers in doing what has been a challenge this last year for most sellers on the banks of Richland Chambers!     And speaking of banks we are banking on an active spring real estate market!  

Last week found us hosting the Lakerz social event at REMAX Lakeside Dreams.  We are so fortunate to  have been so well received by this community and we would like to thank everyone for being so supportive and for the many friendships that we have made.  Richland Chambers Lake is home to some of the greatest people that you could imagine.  And we are so thankful to God for giving us the foresight and ability to make REMAX Lakeside Dreams  a reality and become a part of this special community.         

We are excited to announce our new agent, Martin Ortiz, who is bilingual and has real estate experience in Michagan.  So, Martin is new to REMAX but not the real estate business and we are glad to have him aboard! 

Also, Congratulations to Karen Williams for being top producing agent  for December which was no easy task!  So, if you see Karen, congratulate her for an outstanding year! 

Karen was our top producing agent not only in December but for the entire year!

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